Friday, March 11, 2011

Kingdoms of Glory

  During our life on earth we make choices regarding good and evil. God rewards us according to our works and desires. Because God rewards everyone according to our works in the flesh, there are different kingdoms of glory to which we may be assigned after the Judgment. Those who choose the right in this life will "be called great in the kingdom of heaven" while those who do not choose the right will "be called the least in the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 5:19). We will be rightfully judged and will all be placed in one particular "kingdom of glory."
  Those who have accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ, repented of their sins, were baptized by proper authority, received the Holy Ghost, and kept the associated covenants will be cleansed by the Atonement of Christ. They will receive exaltation in the highest kingdom, also known as the celestial kingdom. Those who inherit the celestial kingdom will live in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s presence, become like them, and receive a fulness of joy. They will live together for eternity with those of their family who qualify. In the scriptures this kingdom is compared to the glory or brightness of the sun.
   People who do not accept the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ but still lived good lives will receive a place in the terrestrial kingdom. This kingdom is compared to the glory of the moon.
   Those who continued in their sins and did not repent in this life will receive their reward in the lowest kingdom, which is called the telestial kingdom. This kingdom is compared to the glory of the stars.
  It is important to remember that everybody will have an equal opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, whether it is in this life or in the next.

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