Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Spirit


   At this time of year, It's so easy to get caught up in commercialism and gifts. It seems as though society is losing focus of why we really have Christmas. We all know the true reason, and that is Jesus of Nazareth.
   I wrote the following poem this morning during my personal study time:

 The Reason for the Season

It's the new fallen snow, it's the lights on the tree,
It's how many presents are wrapped just for me.

It's a reindeer with a bright-colored nose,
It's shopping for toys and shopping for clothes.

It's a mistletoe hung and wrapping nice gifts,
For loved ones near and also those missed.

It's getting warm by a fire after playing in snow,
It's dreaming of sugar plumbs while lights stay aglow.

Christmastime is the most wonderful season,
Why do we celebrate? What's the real reason?

Amidst the commotion and Jolly Mr. Claus,
Let us take time to reflect; Take time to pause.

It's about giving service and being kind,
It's thinking about others all of the time.

Remember the sign - the star in the sky,
Remember shepherds, and three men so wise.

Remember gold, frankincense, and myrrh,
Remember Mary and to whom she gave birth.

The greatest gift that was ever given,
We received from our loving Father in Heaven.

It didn't have shiny paper or a big fancy bow,
The greatest present was wrapped in swaddling clothes.


  1. Did you write that poem yourself? Good job man.

  2. This poem is great! I am hanging it on my refrigerator right now! :)

  3. Jordon you are sooo good at poems! Did you go to poem school? I love you! You are such a great example.


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