Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kami's Conversion

  From April to November of 2009 I was serving in Great Falls, Montana. I covered the 3rd ward, 7th ward, and the Fort Benton Branch. My first companion there was Elder Garcia. Kami Tryon lived in the small town of Geraldine and eventually moved to Fort Benton. We limited our visits there because there wasn't too much work going on. In early May we had taught Kami the message of the restoration in the Helewell's home. I remember that lesson very well, especially the strong spirit that was felt. After the lesson we set up a return appointment for the following week. However, it ended up that Kami wasn't able to meet with us when we had planned. In fact, we lost all contact with Kami until about September. At this time I was serving with Elder Willey. One day we got a call from the Giles family who invited us to Fort Benton to teach Kami and her mom, Jamie, in their home. We retaught the restoration and I can remember how strong the spirit was telling me to extend the baptismal commitment. I acted on the prompting; Kami was hesitant at first, but we worked through some things and she accepted the invitation. Shortly thereafter she entered the waters of baptism. The following excerpt is Kami's conversion to the gospel written by Kami:

 "My conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints started way back in '08. I became friends with the Hellewell’s several years earlier and I was interested in their religion. That summer (2008), I got invited to girls camp and that was a huge eye opener to me of how great the LDS church and people are. The following year I attended girls camp again and the theme was “Follow the Iron Rod”. That was my turning point. After that girls camp, I asked Betsy (Sister Hellewell) if she could set up a meeting with the missionaries, which she did. I had one lesson with the missionaries and was unsure how I felt about it all. Betsy told me to pray about it and I did. A few months later I had moved down to Fort Benton and met the Giles family at the LDS church. They made me really think about becoming a member of the church, and they said I should at least finish the lessons with the missionaries. Soon after that, I started my next set of lessons with Elder Sargent and Elder Willey. It was an amazing experience. They explained everything so well and by the third lesson I knew that this was the right church and I wanted to become a member for sure! Elder Sargent was going to be leaving very soon for a transfer and I really wanted him to baptize me. So, we scheduled my baptism for a day or two before he left.
  Being baptized was one of the most spiritual and most special moments of my life. I felt the spirit so strong that night. It was so amazing that it brought me tears. It was a long road for me to finally realize know that the LDS church was right, but I’m so happy that I made the right decision and that I’m now a member. My life is a million times better with the true gospel in it. I love all the people in the LDS church - they are so amazing and loving. I am now attending seminary every morning and I love it. It is just such a positive way to start off the day and I have learned so much from it. I have gone to the Billings Temple once and performed baptisms for the dead, which was a very special experience as well.
  I want to thank the Hellewell family, the Giles family, Elder Willey and Elder Sargent from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for all the help and advice through my conversion to the church - I love you all. You all hold a very special place in my heart."

-Kami L. Tryon

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