Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dedicated To My Father

"Papa Sarge" At The Baseball Field
  Why is it that we as missionaries are allowed to call home on Mothers Day but not Fathers Day? I don't know. But, nonetheless, I want my father to know how much I love and care about him - even if I don't get to call home and tell him.
  From the time I was a wee lad up until today, my dad has always been a hero to me. I cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for the life lessons that he has taught me. The noteworthy thing is that most of the lessons he's taught me haven't even required him to say anything. My dad is one of the best "teachers by example" that I have ever met. He's often referred to as a "man of few words." And while he may be just that, his actions have always shouted loudly to me in a positive way. He is living the quote by St. Francis who once said, “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

  I now wish mention just a few of the "specifics" of which my dad, Scott Sargent, has taught me. My father is the most patient man I've ever met. Despite dealing with 5 rambunctious children and a wife with cancer, he was and is always so calm and never raises his voice.

Elder Sargent in Sweden - 1981
  He has always been a faithful member of the church, despite the trials that have come his way. I was the first child in the family to serve a mission and I attribute a lot of that to my father who set the example by serving one himself. He has also been an example to me by always being worthy to hold and exercise the priesthood that he holds.
  He has a deep love for his wife and children. He has shown this by being so involved with his kids activities and sports. He is constantly coaching, filming, critiquing, helping, and encouraging. He has even gone as far as wearing tight black baseball pants to a father vs. son baseball game when I was 11 years old.
  When I would leave the home to hang out with friends, he would often times say the "stereotypical statement" that teenagers roll their eyes at. That being, "Remember who you are and who you stand for." That saying has gone a long way and I really do reflect back on that statement regularly. My dad has always allowed me to freely use my agency and then supported me with my decisions, and also corrected me when I was in the wrong.
  I have never gone without a meal on my plate, a roof over my head, or a place to sleep. My family is not rich by any means, but my father has always provided for our needs so that we could be happy and comfortable. He has, once again - by example, taught me the importance of always paying tithing.

  He was always the one untangling the families fishing poles which took away from his own time to fish. He always provided us with the "flashiest" book reports and presentations in school. He has taught me, through his example, the importance of being organized, neat, and professional. He taught me how to be a leader on and off the field.
   I love you dearly mother, but dad was usually the one I would ask first if I wanted to go do something.
   I don't think I've ever heard my dad complain - except maybe at an umpire or referee. My dad has always expected high standards from his kids. I still remember the time he got after me for listening to inappropriate music; That still has an effect on me today.
  My dad has taught me to be grateful for the things I have in life, for not everyone is as fortunate as I am.     Whenever I had a rough day or a bad game, my dad was aware of this and would always try to make my day better. He would do simple things such as: turning on a song that he knew I liked (even if he didn't like it), take me out to eat, trying to make me laugh, or offering watching a movie with me. He has always been the best friend I could ask for.

Coaching My Little Brother's Baseball Team This Summer
  I could go on forever, but I'll just sum it all up with, "Dad, you're the man." I cannot thank you enough for the things you've taught me. Thank you for always being my friend, coach, teacher, and father. You are truly an inspiration to me. I cannot wait to hang out with you again in a couple-five short weeks. I love you.

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