Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Miami Heat.. They Have the Potential - And So Do You

   One of my favorite missionaries is Elder Freeman. He is a scholar and a gentleman. However, he has accused me many times of "stealing" his ideas for blogging. What a silly idea, right? I can honestly say that that is not true. However, This post is completely his and I stole it word for word off his page (besides the grammar corrections that I made). Thanks Elder Freeman, sure do love ya!

  So the NBA finals are here again! I can’t believe it is already about half way through the series (depending on how the next games go). As of right now the Miami Heat are tied with the Dallas Mavericks. 2-2.  I'm excited to see if the Heat can pull off a few more victories and take home the title. After all, they
do have some big all-star players. I remember when I heard the news
that Lebron James was going to go to the Heat to play with Dwayne Wade. I sure was excited. Then I found out that Chris Bosh would be joining to make quite the trio. Wow. I was bummed that I wasn’t going to get to watch them play. A lot of people predicted that this ultimate team would be unstoppable. That they would easily take it all the way to the finals and take home a ring. Others predicted that the team would flop. Some said that Three super stars wouldn’t be able to play together, at least not in the first season being on the same team. With all the potential they had they got off to a rocky start. However, they have now came all the way. Will they take home the championship? Will they win the prize after making it this far? Will the Dallas Mavericks keep them from their goals? Only time will tell.

  To switch gears a little bit here I’d like to compare the Miami Heat to us. We come into this life with all the potential in the world. Some people are rooting for us. They know that we can go all the way. They root for us to take home that ultimate prize. Others, wish to see us fail and end up miserable. They don't want us to succeed. Now, we might not be a Lebron James, or even a Dwayne Wade. Maybe we are more like Mike Bibby or James Jones. But that is what’s so great about it; Everyone on the team gets the same prize, whether they are a Point Guard or a Center. We are in the game of life (which is a little bit more serious then the NBA). We have the potential as did/do the Miami Heat. Now let us work hard, make good choices, and try our best to win the prize; the prize of eternal life. I think the Miami Heat can do it. I know that we can.

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